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She Wolf Rising Review

Remember that film friend of yours that was always trying to make it big, but you just didn't have the heart to tell them they suck?  The friend that would force you to watch the a new "movie" they made and it's exactly like that last they did.  The same lame jokes, awkward editing, and just poor production you have seen numerous times in their work?  She Wolf Risingreminds me of that friend I use to have and learned to distance myself far away from.  You should do the same if this movie shows up on your Amazon Prime listings. 
     I review movies on here that are in the underground horror genre and I can forgive a lot their shortcomings.  She Wolf Rising has zero excuses as far as I'm concerned for how bad it is given the money spent on the production.  If a movie like Forgotten Tales can show talent and ingenuity from a low budget stand point then She Wolf Rising shows how to not to make movie.  This movie had a budget that most indie horror directors dre…