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The Cropsey Incident Review

When I was a child I had two ingrown toenails at the local physician's office.  It wasn't two the same day, but within a year of each surgery for my big toes still haunts me today twenty years later when I am simply clipping my toe nails.  Those were two of the worst experiences of my life, until watching The Cropsey Incident.  Now they have been bumped down to two and three, respectfully.

     Where do I begin with this so-called "movie".  I just feel sorry for everyone involved from the actors, camera crew, the pizza provided during breaks, and even the wasted space on the SD cards the filmmakers...I mean people used to capture this abomination.  Did anyone read Filmmaking For Dummieswhile brainstorming ideas for this between their mothers bringing them Hot Pockets in the basement?

     The story is about a group of Social Justice Warriors who go out into the woods looking for Cropsey, an urban legend in the area.  They then take a local hermit hostage to try to give…