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Bottom Shelf Reviews Interview: Johnny Daggers

A few months ago I started Bottom Shelf Reviews and decided to go the extra mile and actually reach out and contact filmmakers on social media.  The very first person I did was Johhny Daggers after watching and reviewing his film Blood on the Reel.  Mr. Daggers doesn't just focus his talents solely on film as he is also an accomplished writer with is his book NeverlastingI finally got a chance to interview Mr. Daggers ask about his directing style and how an independent horror directors can make it in the underground film world.

      Bottom Shelf Reviews:  So lets start with an obvious question, when did you decide you wanted to be a filmmaker? Johnny Daggers: I honestly did not choose to be a filmmaker, it chose me. That is really the truth of it. I had always aspired to be a professional musician. I had a record deal in the early 2000s, which left me feeling a lot of disdain for the record industry.  It wasn’t until 2010 that film became an artistic outlet for me. I was …