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Creature Feature Review

There is a great documentary called Blood, Boobs, & Beast that details indie horror director Don Dohler and his efforts to make his low budget features.  There is a part where he is talking to his fellow collaborators about how not having the "three b's" will hurt there distribution sales.  I feel the creators of Creature Featuremust have taken that same advice. 
Creature Feature is about a collection of horror stories that are told by party goers during a Halloween party.  The stories included a killer clown, a werewolf, zombie, sirens, and general macabre and do flow pretty coherent through out the running time.  I say this because some anthology movies tend to just be a mash up of random shit that doesn't hold my attention (I'm talking to you Slices).  I found that is movie is maybe a step up from Terrortorywhich honestly I really did enjoy, but felt some scenes were rather forced.
     I found Creature Feature very well made for being a little indie …