Blood on the Tribades

     It's been a while since I have done a review on here.  Amazon Prime does have a lot options as far as films go which is both good and bad.  It's good because unlike Netflix, Amazon Prime does give a lot of indie directors a chance to showcase their films and give them a shoot at finding an audience.  The bad part of the equation comes in when you have to sort through all the garbage to find something moderately watchable.  Blood on the Tribades falls into the good section.

     Blood on the Tribades is a throwback to simpler time of exploitation film that actually has ideas instead of schlock for the sake of schlock.  A village of women are being killed off one by one as a cult of men await the return Bathor (God? Demon? You be the judge) while a group of vampire women watch from the sidelines.  Two lovers, Chloe Cunha and Mary Widow, seek to perform their sacred ritual before the men's plan to eliminate all the women is completed.

     What sets this film apart from the other indie horror is that it is actually a very well made movie which is hard to come by in this category.  The acting is very decent, the gore is well made, and gothic atmosphere does call back to Hammer Films  of the past.  The two standouts are Ms. Cunha and Ms. Widow as ooze sensuality and eroticism without feeling forced in the part.  Their acting really is the icing on the cake that gives an already beautiful looking film its pedigree. 

     The two directors, Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein, really deserve a lot of credit for making stylish film that isn't too over the top.  Yes there is a great deal of nudity from both the men and women in the film, but to me it isn't as gratuitous as typical low-budget horror fare.  They made a decent little movie that doesn't fall victim to the standard indie horror trappings (take a lesson from this Easter Sunday).  I have no doubt that their next production will be just as rich and stylish as Blood is.

     Overall I really enjoyed this movie.  It does take a lot to hold my attention and I am curious what kind of special features would be on the Blu-ray has to offer.  If you are a fan of throwback gothic horror from the dawn exploitation look no further than Blood on the Tribades. 

7.5 out of 10 stars


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